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These pages are dedicated to the Yamaha SRX600. They have  been constructed as an aid to owners of European Specification  SRX600's (1XL), who do not have access to the genuine Yamaha workshop manual. I have carried out a limited number of checks but I cannot guarantee that the information contained within these pages is 100% accurate.

You must therefore use the information on from this site at your own risk.

SRX600 (1JK) Monoshock conversion blog update

Sun 17th May 2015

Number plate holder and improved welding

Having done some googling it seems the stainless steel plate I was using was of a low grade a difficult to weld. The new plate is also thicker so less likely to melt away.
I also bought some new HT bolts for the shock linkage.

Tue 5th May 2015

Battery box mk1

Shite welding so in the bin it goes.

Sun 26th April 2015

Pannier Frames
When I go away on the bike I normally use a large bag thrown over the rear seat, this has worked well in the past but the new seat unit rules this out, hence the need to fit panniers.
There as been a lot of time and effort put into these, the bars running from the footrests to near the rear light take most of the load, and had to be shaped to clear the swinging arm and master cylinder. After some research I fund that these are more commonly known as 'overengineering struts' or alternatively 'peaceofmind struts'.
Next job is to try and sort the parts out I need to make the connector pipe for the exhaust, make a number plate bracket and to mock up the battery tray in cardboard.

Sun 19th April 2015

Rear m/cyl moved to suit FZR footrests and pannier frames roughly fitted
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