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These pages are dedicated to the Yamaha SRX600. They have  been constructed as an aid to owners of European Specification  SRX600's (1XL), who do not have access to the genuine Yamaha workshop manual. I have carried out a limited number of checks but I cannot guarantee that the information contained within these pages is 100% accurate.

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SRX600 (1JK) Monoshock conversion blog update

Sun 25th January 2015

Fairing mount
Having decided to mount the SRX 250 fairing I needed to create a mount for the subframe and weld this to the headstock. I thought this was going to be relatively simple job, but no it has taken me three attempts to get this right. The firts two were blighted by my welding, I was struggling with a lot of cavities in the weld and couldnt work out what was going wrong. Thanks to the guys on http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/ my welding is much better. I bought a flow meter to fit on the torch to measure the gas flow and invested in a gas lens, the results are now much better. The flow meter on its own will pay for itself, the meter on the regulator was way off and I was using 2-3 times too much gas.
Believe it or not the bracket below has taken me most of today !. And its still not welded to the frame. I had to fabricate in a way that the heat would not destroy the edges of the bracket when welding the spacers in.

Sun 11th January 2015

Shock mounts removed.

And work started on mounting the fairing.

Tue 6th January 2015

Fairing and tailpiece options.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Probably going for Option 2, its more work (needs sub-frame modifications) but seems to be the favored choice.

Fri 2nd January 2015

Finally some progress on the top suspension mount. As I mentioned in my earlier posting I wasn't happy with my first attempt at the top shock mount as it looked more like a civil engineering project than part of a motorbike frame.
I now have something which is a) strong and b) looks more the part. The uprights are taken from an SRX swinging arm which I had knocking around, the arm had the right bend and was about the right dimensions.

The welding is a mix of TIG and MIG, I found some of the difficult to reach areas tricky to do with the TIG so reverted back to my trusty MIG.
I need to refit the tank mount and then loose assemble everything so I can decide on the next steps. I need to decide which seat I am going to use (SDR200 or stock SRX) and whether the SRX250 fairing looks right or not. The SDR200 seat will need modifications to the rear subframe and dictates the  location of the battery and electrics.

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