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These pages are dedicated to the Yamaha SRX600. They have  been constructed as an aid to owners of European Specification  SRX600's (1XL), who do not have access to the genuine Yamaha workshop manual. I have carried out a limited number of checks but I cannot guarantee that the information contained within these pages is 100% accurate.

You must therefore use the information on from this site at your own risk.

SRX600 (1JK) Monoshock conversion blog update

Sat 30th August 2014

It been some time since my last posting, but at last some progress on the lower linkage mount. Having spent quite a lot of time creating a spreadsheet to model where the linkage point should be it was 'just' a case of making some brackets. My initial idea was to weld a place under the frame and use this to attach the supporting plates. In the end I decided to cut the original engine mounts out and replace them with a plate which also formed the lower linkage mount. This would mean the load was transferred to structurally solid part of the bike (the engine). The lower linkage is narrower than the engine mount so the plates had to be bent to suit and to add complication they needed to be asymmetric which was difficult to get right. Anyway I now have two plates which will need a fair amount of bracing to stop lateral movement but are a good start.

Its not obvious but the plates extend down to the engine mounts and to ease fitting I removed the centre section of the frame which will need to be welded back in. The pivot point is slotted so that I can alter the rising rate once it is all fitted.

Tue 24th June 2014

New Toy
Whilst my trusty MIG has been very useful over the years I wasn't very happy with the finish of my welding, particularly when trying to fill in tight spaces, the torch is quite large and I have been struggling to get a clean bead that I was happy with.
Enter the new TIG welder. I bought it secondhand locally, its only three months old and has only been used twice with a stick, the TIG torch is unused, it even has a two year transferable warranty. The guy was selling as his planned trike project wasnt going to happen and he was fed up with tripping over it.

All I have to do know is learn how to use it !!!

Sat 24th May 2014

I decided there was a need for further weight reduction.

I have no idea why I am putting so much effort into something most people wont notice.

Wed 21st May 2014

Another Step
A bit more progress.
Why does it remind me of a Stanley wood planer ?.
I just need to make the other side now
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