Exhaust Internals

I personally believe that one of the most attractive features of the SRX is its compact exhaust system. Unfortunately the standard system rather restrictive and prone to rust. There are a number of alternative systems available, most of which cost around the 250-350 mark.
After a conversation with one of the SRX-Connection guys I decided it was feasible to modify the standard system. His instructions were to cut the main box open, shorten the secondary pipe and then replace the silencer section of the box with a less restrictive silencer.
As you can see from the pictures below the box opens up fairly easily with a disc cutter. Care has to be taken when cutting around the entry point to ensure the 2-1 section is not damaged. The silencer section is particularly difficult to remove. I am intending to replace this section with a steel SuperTrapp unit originally intended for a Harley. This fits neatly into the original silencer tube.
After welding on some location nuts and fitting the heat shield it will hopefully look very similiar to the standard system.

Update: A number of people have asked how this turned out. The silencer was welded back together and fitted to the bike. It proved to be a reasonable success, the engine no longer felt strangled at the top end and would rev-out quite freely. I was pleased with how the bike looked, but was still left with the problem of the dreaded rust. Eventually I relented and bought a B.S.M stainless steel system. I would only recommend doing this modification if you have a spare silencer.
The standard system in all its rusting glory
The end of the silencer can be seen protruding into the back of the box.
This shots shows the length of the secondary pipe.
This shot shows the 2-1 joining the primaries to the secondary pipe.
The replacement SuperTrapp silencer section.